Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Fox Story

This      time ,     let     me     tell    you ,  a  story   about    a   fox ,   which    tried    to   eat     grapes   to  quench   his    thirst.

Once    in     the    forest    there   was    a   fox  .   You  all     know   a   fox    has    four    legs   and    a   fluffy    tail.  

We    all     know   about    the   forest   too.
Don't   we  ?    .  
The   forest    is    full    of    huge    trees   ,bushes,   little     streams,    even   little  water   falls   etc......

The      fox     from     this     forest     some    how    found      his   way   to   the   near    by   village.

He    saw     a    farmer's    vine   yard  (farm  which   contains    grape   creepers). 
 He   wanted   to  eat   the    grapes  . 
 So,  the   fox     entered   the   vine  yard    and  tried   to   eat   the   grapes.

But ,  Oh!  My  God  !    
The    grapes     were    at    a   great    height.   

The   fox     tried    to   reach    for    it.    But   could   not .  
The   fox   jumped   and   tried   to  reach    for   the   grapes   .  No.  He    could   not.   

He   jumped   and   jumped .......

Alas     !   He   could   not    reach  .   

The   fox   said   to  himself  ,"Oh!    The   grapes    are    sour."  And   he   ran   away.

Can    some   one ( both  young readers  and elders)  give   an  idea    for   the   fox   to   reach   the   grapes?

Ideas    are   welcome    as   comments..........


  1. Small is beautiful. Like these small stories told nicely.

  2. The fox could probably make use of the wooden log lying near by rolling it and climbing over it!

    1. ah!
      That is a good idea.
      A good observation.
      thankyou for the idea.