Sunday, 3 March 2013

The Thirsty Crow

It  was   a     hot    summer     afternoon  .  Every  where    
people     were    drinking    tender   coconut     ,coke,     pepsi,    water   etc......

A  crow  which  was  flying   also  felt   very   thirsty  .   He  wanted   to  drink   water   very   badly.

The  crow   searched   for   water   every   where.  He   was  not   able  to  see  the   water.

 After   searching   for    a   long    time ,  the  crow  saw  a    pot    with    water.  

The   crow   flew   to   the   pot  ,   to   quench    his   thirst.

Oh!  My   God!    The  pot    had     water     ,  but   very    little.  

The   crow    tried   to   reach   the    water ,   which    was   lying  at    the   bottom    of    the   pot.   

But,   Oh !  He  could  not.    He  looked   here   and there    not  knowing   how    to  quench    his   thirst.

Suddenly,   he   got    an    idea.

He    saw    some    stones  ,   lying     near   by.  The    smart    crow  ,  picked     the    stones ,   one   by    one    and     dropped     into    the    pot.   

As     he     dropped     the    stones   into     the     pot     water       started     to    rise     up.       After     the    crow      dropped    a  few      more     stones ,     the      water     came    up  .     

The       crow     drank     the      water     and   flew     away      happily.

What    a    smart     crow     !!!!

Are    you    smarter    than    the   crow  ?

Read      the    story     carefully     and    give    an   alternative     idea    for   the     crow   to    quench    his     thirst.  

video courtesy ---you tube by tusharm91206

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