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Rama Story- part 1

Ayodhya     was    ruled    by      a     king     called      Dasaratha.  During   his   rule    people   lived  happily  in  the  country.  

Kousalya,      Kaikeyi    and    Sumithra  were   his   queens.
 He      had       four      sons     Rama ,    Lakshmana,      Bharatha     and      Shatrugna.  
All    the     four    brothers        were   affectionate   towards   each  other .

Rama   and    his     brothers    respected    their  parents    a   lot.

The  brothers   were   good   in   archery   too.
In  many   archery   ordeals    the  brothers   came  out   victorious.

Let   me   tell   you   about   Rama's   archery  skills     in  another   post.........

After   some  years.......

Rama  and   his   brothers   got     married .     

At   a   right     time ,    Dasaratha     decided       to   crown   his   eldest  son   Rama   as    the   King    of  Ayodhya.

But ,  his    second    queen   Kaikeyi       wanted    Bharatha ( her   son  and  younger  to Rama) to   be  made    the     King

So,  Kaikeyi    deciding  to   make  use    of     two   boons   now, which  the  king    gave   to    her earlier ., she  asked     the  king     to   crown   Bharatha(her  son  and  younger  brother  of  Rama) .Also , Rama  should   go  to  forest  for  fourteen  years. 

The   king ,  though    sad     had    no    other    go    but    to  keep  up  his  earlier   promise.

The   king   was   confused   a  lot.

Rama   came   to    know   about    the   
queen's    wishes    and    the   king's    confusion .

Immediately   Rama   rushed   to his   father  and   said,        " Iam   happy   to   leave    the   kingdom .   Let  my  younger brother   Bharatha   be   made   the   king.   I   shall go   to   forest    for    fourteen     years ."

Rama   accompanied   by   Sita    and   Lakshmana   went   to       Aaranya (forest).

What   happened   in    Aaranya  ?  .......

Wait ......................
Will  come  back   and  let  you  know......

                                               .......... to  be  continued.

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