Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Fox Story

This      time ,     let     me     tell    you ,  a  story   about    a   fox ,   which    tried    to   eat     grapes   to  quench   his    thirst.

Once    in     the    forest    there   was    a   fox  .   You  all     know   a   fox    has    four    legs   and    a   fluffy    tail.  

We    all     know   about    the   forest   too.
Don't   we  ?    .  
The   forest    is    full    of    huge    trees   ,bushes,   little     streams,    even   little  water   falls   etc......

The      fox     from     this     forest     some    how    found      his   way   to   the   near    by   village.

He    saw     a    farmer's    vine   yard  (farm  which   contains    grape   creepers). 
 He   wanted   to  eat   the    grapes  . 
 So,  the   fox     entered   the   vine  yard    and  tried   to   eat   the   grapes.

But ,  Oh!  My  God  !    
The    grapes     were    at    a   great    height.   

The   fox     tried    to   reach    for    it.    But   could   not .  
The   fox   jumped   and   tried   to  reach    for   the   grapes   .  No.  He    could   not.   

He   jumped   and   jumped .......

Alas     !   He   could   not    reach  .   

The   fox   said   to  himself  ,"Oh!    The   grapes    are    sour."  And   he   ran   away.

Can    some   one ( both  young readers  and elders)  give   an  idea    for   the   fox   to   reach   the   grapes?

Ideas    are   welcome    as   comments..........

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Rama story Final Part

After     dipping     his     tail      in     the     sea      to    put   off     

the fire ,     Hanuman      travellled    back     and      

bowed      before     Rama.    He   gave    Sita's    ring    to    

Rama     and    told     what     happened     there.

Rama,     Lakshmana,    Hanuman,     and    Sugriva,  

discussed     about     the    course     of     action     to   free 

Sita.    They      then      decided     to     wage     a     war     
with     the   Lanka    king     Ravana  .

To      cross     the     

ocean     Hanuman     

with    the   other      

Varanas     built     a   

bridge     called    

Sethu  Bandhan.    

Satellite  images     of     this   bridge     is   available   on    the   

internet.   Rama,    Lakshmana   with     the   vanaras    crossed    this    

bridge    and     reached    Lanka  .

They    fought     with     Ravana     with    all   might. Ravana's    

brother  ,   Vibishana     who     was    not   happy    with   

Ravana's      actions     took    sides    with    Rama   and helped  

Rama   in    the    war.

During   this    lengthy    battle   with   Ravana,  Lakshmana    

fainted.    To  regain  back   his   conscious,    it    was   told   that  

 the   herb    in   Sanjeevini    Hills  could   save  


Hanuman  ,   flew   to    the   

Hill    and     carried    the     

hill   to   Lanka    to    save     


After   Lakshmana     

recovered    the    fight   went   


Finally     Rama    killed    Ravana    and    took  back    Sita.

Rama   handed    over    Lanka    to   Vibeeshana    and   made    

him    the    King   of    Lanka.

By     this    time    14    long    years    are    over      and   

it    was    time   for     Rama,  Sita     and    Lakshmana      to     

return    to   Ayodhya.

As    soon     as    they    reached    Ayodhya    Bharatha   

handed   the   Kingdom   to   Rama.

On   an   auspicious    day    Pattabishekam    took    place  .

 Rama     and   Sita    were    crowned     as   King    and   Queen  .

All   lived     happily.      Hanuman      decided    to   stay    

back     with     Rama.

Hanuman  ,     being    a   Chiranjeevi(  one   who   has   no   death)    loves    to   hear   the    praises     of    Rama.

It   is    believed     that    wherever     Ramayana    is    told    or   in    a   Ramayan     discouse  ,   Hanuman  (in    an   invisible    form)   comes    there     and    sits   in   the   audience     and   hear   Ramayana.

Whoever   tells   Ramayana    and     also   who   hears    Ramayana   story    is   sure   to   get    the   blessings    of   Hanuman.

So,     we   are   all sure   to  get   His   Blessings.

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Rama Story Part -- 4

When  Rama  and  Lakshmana    came   back  to  the   cottage   they   found   Sita   missing.

They     started    searching   for   Sita   everywhere.   But    could    not     find     her    anywhere.

They    were    disgusted     and   did  not   know   what   to   do.  

They   were  wandering    in   the   forest  searching   Sita.  Rama     kept    on   calling   " Sita ,   Sita  ".

Alas!    No  reply    came.   

As   they   were    wandering   in   search    of  Sita    they   came   across   the   wounded "  Jatayu ".

Jatayu     on      his      death      bed ,    told   Rama     about      Sita     being      kidnapped      by   Lanka  king     Ravana.

After    conveying    this     message     Jatayu     breathed    his    last.

Now   Rama    and    Lakshmana      started    towards      Lanka.    

On   their     way    in    Rishyamuka    
mountains      they      saw    Sugriva    vanara (monkey)  king    and    Hanuman(vanara) .

Rama   offered    help    to   Sugriva     to   regain    his   kingdom  back  from   Vali.

Rama    asked       Hanuman's     help    in   searchinng   Sita   .Hanuman     readily      agreed   to this.

Hanuman     saw    godliness    in   Rama     and  became     a   great    devotee    of    Rama.

 Rama    embraced     Hanuman    and     gave    him   his    ring    to  be   shown    to   Sita.

Hanuman     is    known     for    his    great    strength    and   confidence .   He    flew     over  the    ocean    crossing    many    obatacles     and reached     Lanka.

On   reaching   Lanka    he     searched     for   Sita    and    found     her  ,  sitting     sadly ,    in     Ashoka  Vana.   
 He      sat    upon    the     tree    and     started     singing   ' hymns '   in    praise     of    Rama       and   jumped   from   the    tree   in   front   of   Sita.   

 He   then   showed    the ring    given    by   Rama  .   

 Sita     was    releived    a   little.    

But   when  Hanuman   offered    to   carry   her   back     to     Rama   she    refused,   but    said   "   Let    Rama     fight     with    Ravana    and    win   .Then    let  him   take   me    back."   she   also     gave    her    ring   to   be   given   to     Ram.

Hanuman    then     on   his    way   back     ,    destroyed    many     palaces,     gardens,    uprooted     trees   properties    in    Lanka  .       

But   ultimately,  he    was    captured     by   Ravana's     soldiers    and   brought    in  front   of    Ravana.  

There   Hanuman    asked   Ravana      to    send   back    Sita    to   Rama    and    to   beg     forgiveness.   

At   this,    Ravana      was     enraged      and   ordered    that    Hanuman's    tail   be    set    on    fire.  

Hanuman's    tail   was   bundled ,   with   oil   dippped   clothes    

and    set   on    fire  .

Hanuman    freed    himself   and     started   jumping  ' from  one  place    to  another, from  one  building  to   another  ,  gardens  , palace '   with   fire-lit-tail  .

This   burnt     down   so  much   of   Lanka.   

After    doing ,  so   much    damage ,   he   went   and   dipped   his   tail   in  the  sea   to  put   off the   fire   and   started   his   way   back    to   see  Rama.

What    happpened    then?................

I      shall      tell     you   in     the   next     post...................................

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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Rama Story Part--3

 Ravana ,   the 

 king   of    Lanka    had    ten   heads.    He   is a    Rakshasha   king .  

When  he   asked   for   help ,     Mareecha      readily    agreed.

Mareecha    is    a   mayavi  (good  at   doing    

magical   tricks).

He     headed     towards     Panchavati  forest,
where    Rama  with   Sita   and   Lakshmana   are.

There  Mareecha   took   the   

form   of   a  golden    deer.   

The    golden   deer   now , 

started   playing   in   front    

of   Sita   and   tried   to   attract    Sita.

Attracted   by   the  beauty    of   the   deer,

Sita   said  to   Rama,"  I  want   to   have    

this    deer.   Can   you   please    get   that   

golden    deer   for   me ".

Rama  was    at   first    reluctant    to   catch  

hold  of   the   deer  .

Since    Sita   was    very   eager  to  play   with  

the   deer , Rama   asked   Lakshmana   to   

stay   back  and    take     care   of   Sita .

Lakshmana   stayed    behind  ,    while   Rama
 started  to   chase    the   golden   deer.
The   golden   deer    ran   here   and   there .

This   made   Rama   to   go   very   far ,  away 

 from   Sita   and   Laksmana.

 Rama   went   chasing   the   deer   .  After   a 

 long   time   Mareecha    ,  the   golden    deer 

was   shot   by   an   arrow   from   Rama.  

Immeditely   the   deer   fell  down   and   died ,
but   not   without   shouting    "Lakshmana! 

Lakshmana!"  immitating  the  voice   of   


On  hearing  this   Sita   feared   something  is  

wrong   with  Rama.  So,   she   forced 

Lakshmana  to  go  in   search  of   Rama.

Reluctantly ,   Lakshmana  left   Sita  alone

and    advised   her   not   to  go   out..

The   ten   headed    Rakshasha   king   Ravana   

now,   disguised   himself  as a  sage   and

appeared   before   Sita,   seeking   alms.

When   Sita   came   out   to  give   alms

 Ravana     kidnapped   Sita.   Sita    screamed 

and   cried. 

But ,  Ravana    carried   her   in   his

Pushpaka   Vimana   (aeroplane   of  those   

days)   and    headed   towards   Lanka   .

 Seeing   Sita   crying   and 

screaming,   Jatayu ,   King   of

  Eagles     fought   with  

 Ravana   to   save   Sita.

No.....  But   he  could   not   save   her.

Ravana   proceeded   to  Lanka   with   Sita.

What   happened   when   Rama   and  

Lakshmana   came  back  to  their   cottage. ?

Let    you    know.............

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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Rama Story Part 2


Rama   accompanied  by   Sita  and  Lakshmana    reached  Aranya

After     sending    Rama    to    forest,    king    
Dasaratha ,stuck   by    grief    died.

 Bharatha       was    not    in     Ayodhaya  ,    
 then  .    He    came    back    to   Ayodhya 
  and   learnt     what    had    happened    .

He     was     angry    with     his   mother
Kaikeyi     and      he     went    to   Aranya     
to   bring      back      Rama      to     
 be    the      king     of     Ayodhya.

He        begged     forgiveness     for   his     
mother's      act     and     asked    Rama    to   
come   back.

But    Rama    refused    ,   saying    that    he   
has    to    keep    up   his    word    and    asked  
 him   to   go   back    and    rule    Ayodhya.

Though     Bharatha      was    not    happy     
with    this,    he    had   to   obey     his    elder     brother.

So,    deciding    to   go    back,   he    said   ,"   
Brother,    I   shall   go    back    and   rule ,    
but    only   as    your    representative.    Please  give   your    PATHUKAS   (sandals)   ,so   that   I   shall    keep   that    on    the    throne    and     rule    as   your    representative."

At   this   Rama    readily    obliged    and   sent   Bharatha     back   to   Ayodhya.

Then,   Rama,    Sita    and   Lakshmana    
travelled     southwards    and    reached   the   
forest   Panchavati.

They    built    cottages    and   lived .

One   day    a    rakshasha    woman   Surpanaka    saw    them.

On   seeing    Rama    she    asked    him    to   
 marry    her.   But     Rama    refused    saying   
 he   is   already    married   to    Sita.

Surpanaka    then   started   forcing    
 Lakshmana    to   marry    her.   Lakshmana   
 lost   his    temper    and    at   one   point    he   
 cut  off  her   nose  .

With   the    bleeding    nose    ,  she    went    to   Lanka    and    complained    to   her   brother    
 the   Rakshasha   king    Ravana .  

Ravana     ruled    Lanka. 

On   seeing   her   sister's    anguish,    the
 angry      Ravana     decided    to   kidnap    
Sita.    For    this     he     sought    the    help   
 of    his    friend    Mareecha.

What    did    Mareecha    do  ?...........

I  shall   come   back    and    tell......
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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Rama Story- part 1

Ayodhya     was    ruled    by      a     king     called      Dasaratha.  During   his   rule    people   lived  happily  in  the  country.  

Kousalya,      Kaikeyi    and    Sumithra  were   his   queens.
 He      had       four      sons     Rama ,    Lakshmana,      Bharatha     and      Shatrugna.  
All    the     four    brothers        were   affectionate   towards   each  other .

Rama   and    his     brothers    respected    their  parents    a   lot.

The  brothers   were   good   in   archery   too.
In  many   archery   ordeals    the  brothers   came  out   victorious.

Let   me   tell   you   about   Rama's   archery  skills     in  another   post.........

After   some  years.......

Rama  and   his   brothers   got     married .     

At   a   right     time ,    Dasaratha     decided       to   crown   his   eldest  son   Rama   as    the   King    of  Ayodhya.

But ,  his    second    queen   Kaikeyi       wanted    Bharatha ( her   son  and  younger  to Rama) to   be  made    the     King

So,  Kaikeyi    deciding  to   make  use    of     two   boons   now, which  the  king    gave   to    her earlier ., she  asked     the  king     to   crown   Bharatha(her  son  and  younger  brother  of  Rama) .Also , Rama  should   go  to  forest  for  fourteen  years. 

The   king ,  though    sad     had    no    other    go    but    to  keep  up  his  earlier   promise.

The   king   was   confused   a  lot.

Rama   came   to    know   about    the   
queen's    wishes    and    the   king's    confusion .

Immediately   Rama   rushed   to his   father  and   said,        " Iam   happy   to   leave    the   kingdom .   Let  my  younger brother   Bharatha   be   made   the   king.   I   shall go   to   forest    for    fourteen     years ."

Rama   accompanied   by   Sita    and   Lakshmana   went   to       Aaranya (forest).

What   happened   in    Aaranya  ?  .......

Wait ......................
Will  come  back   and  let  you  know......

                                               .......... to  be  continued.

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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Baktha Prahalad

Once there was a king  called   Hiranyakashipu. His  son is  Prahalad.Prahalad   was  a   great  devotee of   Lord   Narayana.  He   always    prays   Vishnu    and   keeps  chanting      " Hari   Hari "

Hiranyakashipu,   the    king      did  penance    and    God     granted   him  a    boon   that  he   should   not   be   killed   by    any  human   being,  nor   by   any    weapon,    nor  in   the    morning/afternoon/ night   and   also    not   inside/outside   the  palace  .   So   with   this    boon     the  king  became     a   cruel   king .

He  started    telling   his  people    that   there    is   no   other   God   other    than  himself.    So   everone   should   pray    him   only.

Son,    Prahalad     himself  ,    refused   to  obey   his    dad   in   this   regard.   

Inspite   of    his     dad's    orders      Prahalad     continued   his   prayers    for  Lord   Vishnu.

At   this ,  the   king   got   angry    and   he  ordered    his   son  ,Prahalad     to   be    killled   by   elephants.

But   Lord   Vishnu   saved   Prahalad     from     elephants.   Then    the    King     threw     him   into   the     sea  and    even    threw    him    into    the    fire.

But    Lord    Vishnu     being    happy    with    the     prayers    of    Prahalad ,  saved     him     from     all   these      dangers.  

Looking     at    all   this     the    king      was     very     angry     with    his    son.

One      evening      Prahalad      was    praying    Lord   Vishnu  ,   chanting    " Hari Hari  ".

On   hearing    this ,      the   King     dashed    into     the    room.    He    was    very     angry   and   shouted  at  Prahalad   "My   son.   I  am   repeatedly    telling    you  not  to   worship     Vishnu    but   you   keep
on    chanting      "Hari,   Hari  ".  Can   you    tell   me   where     your   Hari   is?"

Immediately,   Prahald    replied    politely,    "  Father,   Hari    is     everywhere.    I   cannot   show  a   place    where     Hari     is   not    present."

At     this   the   king    got   still  more   angry    and    shouted    at  him  pointing    to   a   pillar   in   the  palace   "Do   you    mean   to    say   that   your    Hari    is    inside    this   pillar?"

Prompt    came   the    reply,   " YES ".

Immediately     the   King    asked    his    servants     to   bring     his   "  gatha  "    (  a   weapon    used    for    fighting).    The   servants    rushed  for   it   and   gave   it   to   him.

The   king     started     banging    the   pillar     with    the   "gatha".  
At  one   point   ,   the    pillar     broke     open     and    out     came      Lord   Vishnu,  but     not    in    his      usual  form     
He   came     in the  form  of    " Narasimha "  , with  a     human     body     and   a lion's   face   and   with    long     nails  .

The    King    was     stunned .   Lord   Narasimha     immediately   barged    upon  the    king     and     took     him   in   his    hands    and   moved    towards    the    gateway   .  
He   sat      right    there    on   the    gateway   ,put     the   king    on    the    lap   and    with   his   long    nails    tore       the   king   and   killed   him   .  That    was    the    end    of   king   Hiranyakashipu.

God   also   took    care    that   his   granted    boon     was   not   overlooked.

That   was   the    reason   why    Lord    Vishnu   took   the   unique   form  of  Lord Narasimha  (Neither   a   human  being nor   an   animal).

He   killed   him   with  his   nails    without   using   any   weapon .

Also   the    king   was   killed   neither    inside    nor   outside  but  on  the   steps    of   the   gateway ,  and   also   only in   the   evening    thus     fulfilling   the   boon.

Because   of   his   faith   in  God   Prahalad   attained   a  special   place  in   Vaikunt  (Abode   Of   Lord   Vishnu)   after   his   death. 

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Friday, 1 February 2013


Once    upon     a time    

there   was    a   king    

called   Uttanapada.  

He    had    two  queens   Sunithi   and   Surichi .  

 Sunithi's   son is    Dhruva.   Surichi's    son   is   Uttama. 

One  day   both   Dhruva   and    Uttama    were    playing   in  the   

palace  .

Suddenly ,  both   of    them    ran   towards   the   king    to   sit  on
his  lap.  And   Dhruva   was  almost   on  the   father's    lap.  From  

some  where,      queen   Surichi    appeared   and  dragged    

Dhruva    away      and    allowed  her  son    Uttama    to  sit   on 

 the  king's  lap.

Dhruva     felt   hurt,    and    as   all    small    boys     do,   he    ran   
towards   his   mother    Sunithi  .Weeping  and   wiping  away  his  

 tears,      he  told     her     the   whole    story. 

Sunithi  ,   a    helpless   queen   advised    Dhruva    to  pray   to   

God.   She   said   " Dhruva,  You   can   always   tell   God   your   

worries   and   wishes.  If   your   wishes    are   just ,  then   God   

will  definitely   fulfill  your   wishes".  She   also   asked   him   to    

do   penance,  so  that    God  will    hear   him.

At   that    time    sage   Narada   came   there . 

He    taught   him     how    to    do    penance   and     tell   prayers.   

He  taught  him   the   mantra,"OM   NAMO   NARAYANAYA ".

Narada  also  asked    Dhruva    to   go  to   the   forest  Madhuvana,
situated   on   the   banks   of   river   Yamuna , to do penance.

Dhruva    with    all   perseverence   started   his   penance .  He 

 was   very   serious    about   this   penance  that   he   was   not   

aware   of   the   months   rolling   by.

He     faced  all the  troubles ,   a  forest   could   give   to   a   

small    boy ,  but   still   continued   with  his  penance.  He    was 

 keen   on   getting   his   father's   love .  

The  hot   Sun  ,  the   wet   rains,   biting   insects   ,nothing  

disturbed    him  .  Penance   went  on   and  on.......

Pleased   with       his    penance     Lord  Vishnu    came   before    

Dhruva .  As   soon   as    he   saw   Lord   Vishnu,   he   became   

happy.      God   asked   him   about   his   wish.  He   

forgot   about  his   wish   to   sit  on  his  father's  lap.   Instead

he    said ," I  will  be   happy   if  you  are   always   with   me."

At   this   God   was   pleased  and   granted   his   wish.  Lord  

Vishnu   also   granted   that   Dhruva  willl   be   a   north  polar   

star   after   his  life.

So   with   all   happiness    he   rushed   to  the   palace.  

There  with    his   mother   Sunithi   ,  his  father ,  the  king   

embraced   him   with   great  affection.  

All    of   them   were   happy.

Even   now   we   can   see   Dhruva   as   a   star    in  the   North   


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