Thursday 24 January 2019

Geetha And Angel get into trouble.

Angel & Geetha are good friends . They are in the same  class. They are also neighbours.

One day the teacher announced," Children Tomorrow you all have a test in chapter 4. Read for the test and come."

The school bell rang. The students collected their bags and rushed home happily.

Angel & Geetha  reached home. After drinking hot milk both of them rushed outside to play.
They were playing a lot. 
Around 6.00pm Angel's mom came outside and called out,"Angel...Come home. Do your home work."

Angel  went home to do her home work. Geetha too went home did her home work and took her book to study for next day's test.

At that time the door bell rang. And that was Geetha's cousin with his parents . Geetha's joy knew no bounds. She forgot about the test and started playing with her cousin. 

They all had dinner togehter and had lots of fun. By the time her cousin left, Geetha was almost asleep. 

The next day Geetha  left for school . She saw all her friends talking about the test. Then only she realised that she had not studied . But then what to was too late.

By that time the bell rang, the teacher came and gave the questions for the test.

Geetha could not write any answer. But Angel  was seriously writing the answers. She looked up and saw Geetha sitting &staring Angel wanted to help her friend . So silently wrote the answer and passed on to Geetha. Geetha copied the answers.

They both thought that none noticed them. 

The test was over . The teacher asked the children to go &play outside . But called angel and Geetha and said," Girls... Come here. I need to talk to both of you."

Both the girls were scared.They were confused if the teacher had seen what they had done.They silently stood in front of their teacher.

The teacher continued," Now Girls....I know what you have been doing. Both of you were exchanging answers. Right? Is it right? Both of you thought that no one saw your actions. But look I had noticed.  And told in a strong tone,"I can punish you now...Shall I?." Both the girls were fear. The teacher continued,"Geetha,  If you don't get good marks now, you can get it in the next test. But if you do wrong things like cheating, you will earn a bad name. Is it good? And Angel You will also  get a bad name. If you get a bad name ,you know then what  will happen? All other kids will stop talking & playing with you two. Is that ok with you two?"

Now the girls realised that what they had done is a very bad mistake. 

They felt very sorry for what they had done and promised their teacher that they will not repeat this again.

The teacher excused them this time and warned them not to repeat this.
Angel & Geetha never ever repeated their wrong doings.
We all do make mistakes . But we should not repeat them. Thats not good. Right? You all agree?


kids , All of you too should speak only the truth. Right? 
Now Iam remebered of a king called Harichandra who spoke only the truth...I shall tell about him in my next story...

Bye for now... Be good children. ok? Bye...