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Can You See A Full Moon On A Newmoon day?

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 Can you see a full moon on the newmoon day?

" Yes.  You can see ." Firmly answered Subramanyan to the king of Tanjore , Sarfoji.

Subramnayan was a priest in Amirthakadeswarar temple , Thirukkadaiyur. Goddess Abhirami is the presiding goddess there. Subramanyan was an ardent devotee of the Goddess. And very often he  would go into trance.
On new moon days, King Sarfoji of Thanjavur, had the habit of offering prayers in this temple.When he came there he happened to see Subramnayan lost in trance.

The king to test his devotion, went and asked Subramanyan," What day is it today, Subramanyan?"

"Today is Full Moon Day." answered Subramanyan in trance.

King Sarfoji asked the question again," Subramanya , Do you mean to say that you can see a full moon tonight? "

Subramanyan , who was in trance, answered the question with great disrespect," Yes. You can see. Now stop disturbing me."

The crowd gathered there were shocked to see Subramanyan treating the king with such disrespect.People knew that this should  earn himself severe punishment 

Some tried to save Subramanyan, from  punishment . So they told,  " He is a mad person, Your majesty. He thinks all women as Goddess Abhirami. And so whenever he crosses them  he prostrates before them. So your Majesty can  ignore his words and spare Subramanyan.."

But there were also some who wanted to put Subramanyan into trouble.
They confused the king by saying," Your Majesty. I think that is not true. He actually misbehaves with women and they are scared of him . On seeing him they run away."

King Sarfoji ,was red with rage on the disrespect he met. He ordered," Bring this person to the palace courtyard. There I shall construct a platform with hundred ropes above a huge fire.  Either full moon should be seen on the sky tonight..Or else Subramanyan will see himself inside the fire and be burnt. But he will have time till all the hundred ropes are cut one by one.He has to show the full moon before all the ropes are cut.."

Saying this King Sarfoji left the place.

Slowly , Subramanyan came out of trance and opened his eyes. He saw a huge crowd gathered around him. They told him as to what had happened. By this time two guards came there and took him to the palace . A platform was made ready for him. Under it were piled firewoods ready to be burnt.

Dusk fell. The crowd gathered  there watched the happenings with profound grief. They thought, the end of Subramanyan was fast approaching.

Now silence filled the place.

Subramanyan stood up the platform hung with hundred ropes from a  huge structure . This was open to the night sky. A huge fire started burning under the platform. The helpless Subramnayan started praying Goddess Abirami with his songs.

He started singing  'தார் அமர் கொன்றையும் ....... "He went on to sing verse after verse .  Every verse had four lines . And each verse started with the last word of the previous verse. As he finished singing one verse , one rope got cut.  As each and every ropes get cut, the crowd shouted in grief.

He went on to sing the 79th verse starting with, "விழிக்கே அருளுண்டு ........"  .  Goddess Abirami unable to bear further torture rendered to Her devottee , decided to help him out of trouble. Immediately,She gave darshan not only to Subramanyan, but for all gathered there.Then She removed Her huge earrings(தாடகம்) and just threw into the sky like a frisbee . 

Wow! It fell in right place and shone like moon. The crowd and the king were surprised to see  the full moon. The king immediately, put down the fire and Subramanayan was safely brought down. King Sarfoji, prostrated before him and begged forgiveness. The crowd also seeked his blessings.

Subramanyan then went on  to sing 108 verses and they are compiled under the head " Abirami Andadhi ".He was also affectionately called as Abirami Pattar.

You would like to visualise Abirami Pattar getting darshan of the goddess Abirami.

Here Iam presenting the scene from a Tamil film...


This incident happened when King Sarfoji was ruling Thanjavur. But long before that , the presiding God of the temple Amirthakadeswarar  had showered His Grace on Markandeyar. 

 Markandeyar.......who is he? Let us see in the next post.

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