Wednesday, 25 November 2015

No One Can Replace You !

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Once a man went to Guru Nanak Sahib and asked ," What is the value of life?"

Guru Nanakji gave him a shining stone and told," Find the value of this stone . You can ask as many persons as you want but do not sell it.Come and tell me what you found out.Then I shall tell you the value of life. "

The man agreed and started walking on the street. 
He met an orange seller. He asked him," Do you know the value of this stone?"The orange seller looked at it and  said," Yes. I can exchange a dozen of oranges for this stone."The man appologised and said," I cannot sell this." and walked further.

He came acrosss a vegetable seller. He showed the stone to the vegetable seller and asked," Can you tell me the value of this stone?"
The vegetable seller said," Yes it is valuable. I can take this stone and give you a bag of potatoes."The man once again appologised for not selling the stone and proceeded on his way.

On his way he saw a jewellery shop and went inside.He showed the shining stone to the jeweller and asked him the value of this stone.
The jeweller carefully examined the stone and  offered him fiftylakh rupees for the stone.The man appologised for not selling the stone.The jeweller offered even 2 crores . At this the man was confused but he did not sell it.

He came out of the jewellery shop. A gem stone shop caught his attention. He went inside and showed the owner of the shop the shining stone and asked for its value. As soon as the shop owner saw the stone, he spread a cloth on the floor. Then with great respect , he took the stone from the man's hand and kept it on the cloth. He walked in circles around the stone and bent his forehead in front of the stone and started talking," Where did you get this Ruby from? This is so precious. Even if I sell what all I have, I cannot buy this precious stone ." Saying this he returned the Ruby to the man.

The man stunned and confused came back to the guru and told what all had happened and asked," Now tell me guruji, what is the value of life?"

Now GurunankSahib replied'" The answers you got from the orange seller, vegetable seller, the jeweller and the precious stone seller explains the value of your life.You may be a precious , priceless stone. But people will value you based on their financial status, their education, their knowledge, their belief in you, their risk taking ability etc....... But don't fear .You will surely find someone who will understand your true value.  But....Respect yourself.You are always unique.
No one can replace you!"

Yes. No one can replace you.