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Amrita Varshini Raga & Self Confidence

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 I read this story in my mother tongue Tamil . I thought I should share this story which carries a valuable message. The story happened in  a small village.

There was a small village on the banks of river Cauvery.There  lived  Sundaraman . He was a very good singer. He had two children, one son Ram 12 years old and one daughter Mythreyi who  was nine years.  He earned his livelihood by giving musical performances in the surrounding villages and by teaching music to the village children. His living was doing good for a few years. A spell of drought affected the village and its surrounding villages too.And many families were finding it hard to make their living. Sundaraman's family was also one among them.

River Cauvery was dried up .And so were the lands . Lands once filled with crops now looked  barren for want of water for irrigation. The wells at home were also showing signs of drying up. This worried the villagers.

The situation seemed to be going from bad to worse. The villagers were looking helpless and some were moving to the nearby town to combat this drought.

In this situation , the villagers gathered  in the home of the Village Head. Each one gave a suggestion to fight the drought. 

One of them said," There is a belief that  if Amrita varshini Raga  is sung ,then the god of rains will be happy and there is sure to be a heavy downpour. "

"Why don't  we try this? This should not be a tough job " suggested another.

" Yes. Sundaraman can do this. He is ofcourse a good singer." replied another .
Though many villagers did not have any trust in this belief , they were left with no other choice . And so they decided to try their luck with Amritavarshini .

And Sundaraman was also there, hearing all this. He readily agreed to sing songs in Amritavarshini Raga. 
An auspicious day was selected  to sing .He was supposed to sit on the banks of the dried up river and sing .  The news spread to the other villages and singers from the surrounding villages also said they would join Sundaraman so that the the whole belt of villages in the district  gets rain.

On the said day Sundaraman got up early in the morning and performed his daily pooja . Then he dressed himself up in a white dhoti and a white shirt with the sacred ash on his forehead. He started to leave.  Seeing through the window , he could feel the scrouching heat of the Sun.

He turned towards his wife and asked her to close the door as he was leaving.

His son Ram interrupted ," Dad , You had forgotten to take some thing ".

" What? "

" Umbrella dad.  If it rains won't you get wet?" asked Ram.

" Rain....?  Are you crazy?  People had  asked me to sing songs in Amritavarashini ragam for the rains to come. And you see outside Ram.  It is very sunny." told Sundaraman.

"Dad ...That is what Iam also telling. You are going to sing to invite the rains. After you finish your song or even as you sing  there is going to be a down pour. You might get wet.So please take the umbrella ." without waiting to see his dad's reaction, he rushed out to play.

Sundaraman  stood rooted to the ground. He was staring at his running son.

"Look at this little boy . He is teaching me something which I had forgotten. I had forgotten not only to take the  umbrella but also forgot to carry my selfconfidence  with me. " He thought to himself.

Now with a clear thought and his heart  brimming with self confidence , he called his daughter,
" Mythreyi. Please bring the umbrella dear. If I sing this raga, there is going to be a heavy down pour .
Also you and your brother should take care not to get wet in the rains."

The message is clear ." Be Confident with what you do . "

For those of you who would be curious to hear this raga , I had attached a Tamil video. You are sure to enjoy. Hear this song , closing the windows. Otherwise the rain water might splash in.

video courtesy---You Tube.

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