Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Deaf Reach The Top.

This is a story of a young boy who reached the top of a hill.

In a small village there was a small hill. There were young  boys playing around , near the foot of the hill. One day as they looked up the hill, they were saying, " If only we can reach the top , we can see the other side of the hill and of course we can have  a good view from the top."

" why don' t we try to climb ? " said one.

" Are you a fool? Can we climb such great height? " discouraged another.

" No. For sure I cannot do that  ." Said another and went and sat on a rock near by.

One by one they showed their disbelief about climbing the hill.
Of the 10 or 15 boys only five of them were firm on their stand. They decided to climb the hill next day morning , as it was getting dark then.

The next day as  decided all the boys came to the foothill. Five boys started to climb the hill, while other boys were simply watching the climbers.

The boys who did not  climb , started to shout,

" you boys cannot do that ."

" there are rough and slippery rocks." 

Hearing this one boy slipped and fell. For fear of falling one boy left the competition even before  he scaled a few yards uphill.

Now he too joined the other boys in shouting,

" This climbing is unnecessary. " 

" They are going to fall and break their heads."

" There is  even a possibility that they might even die during their fall."

Hearing all this one by one withdrew from the ordeal except one boy. Without paying heed to all these discouraging cries, that boy  climbed the hill and reached the top.

No doubt , climbing the hill was not an easy task for him. There were slippery rocks, thorns pricking his feet, no grip to catch hold of, he suffered wounds, bruises,  Still...... he continued with the ordeal and completed.

How come ,.....he alone climbed up the hill?  Guessed why......?

Yes. Your guess is right. That boy was deaf. Not a single word of discouragement reached him. So, it was possible for him to reach the peak.

" There are no gains without pains. So have a deaf ear to discouragement and we are sure to reach the top " is the message I got. Did you?


image courtesy---google.