Monday, 27 November 2017

Tenali Raman & the Godess Kali.

Today Iam going to tell you a story about the clever Tenali Raman.

Do you know who is Tenali Raman? I 'll tell you....

There was a little boy called Raman. He lived with his parents in the town Tenali.

When Raman was a young lad, a saint visited his town.  Everyone seeked his blessings.And so did Raman.The saint then told him,'
" Rama. I  can teach you a mantra. If you recite it 1008 times in the Kali, temple, Goddess Kali will appear before you and fulfill your wishes.But you should recite it with full devotion."

You all know that Kali is a Goddess who destroys all evils.) 

Raman went to the MahaKali temple. He sat there with closed eyes and recited the mantra with great devotion . 
Suddenly there was a voice calling "Rama ,Rama " .

When Raman opened his eyes, he saw the Goddess Kali with all her 1000 heads. As soon as she saw the Goddess, he immediately started laughing.He could not control his laughter.

Goddess Kali asked, " Rama ! Why are you laughing? what is so funny?"

Immediately Raman said," Oh! God ! I was just thinking what will happen if you catch a cold. I imagined you sneezing with all thousand noses. That made me laugh."

kids that should be really funny. isn't it?

On hearing this Goddess Kali too enjoyed the joke. She said,
"Rama I like your innocence."  and continued,"Rama....Look at my hands. I have got two bowls . one with sweet milk and the other with curd. The milk bowl represents "Knowledge" and the curd bowl represents "wealth".( wealth means money)

You can take any one of these and drink. If you drink the milk you will be blessed with lot of  knowledge. if you take the curd bowl you will have lots of money. But you can take anly one of think and choose .Saying this Kali looked at Raman.

Raman started to think.

Raman thought for a while and said," Goddess Kali ! can I taste both before choosing?'

 Godess agreed and gave both the bowls to Raman . Even before Kali realised what Raman was doing, he drank both milk and curd from both the bowls.

Kali a little annoyed asked," What did I tell you and what you did?"

Raman replied, " Kali Ma ! Iam sorry. But what is the use of knowledge without wealth. and wealth is of no use without knowledge.That is why I drank both." and prostrated before  the Goddess.

Goddess kali liked his cleverness and blessed him. From then on his fame and fortune spread every where. 

He became famous  and came to be called as Tenali raman.

On learning about his cleverness, King Krishnadevarayar, made him his advisor &court jester.(jester meaning one who cracks clever jokes.)  he became famous and was then called as Tenali Raman.

There are so many incidents whch shows his cleverness. I shall tell you coming weeks....

Now kids, you tell  " what will you drink if Goddess Kali comes before you and offer you milk and curd?"

Would you like to listen to the story.....?
Here it is in my own voice.....


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