Friday, 4 April 2014

Swami Vivekananda's encounter with the monkeys.

Swami Vivekananda ,  is  affectionately called as the " Orange Monk " by the westerners .He wears the orange colour Hindu saintly dress and so he is called as the Orange Monk.He had a magnetic art of  attracting people to his speeches. He addressed  the Parliament of Religions  held in Chicago, in 1893.His inspiring speech began with " Sisters and Brothers of America." After his inspiring speech on Hinduism, he became India's  Spiritual Ambassador in America.

He  narrates certain incidents which happened in his life. From these incidents he must be, ofcourse sending us a message. And this one is about the encounter with monkeys in Sarnath.

Swami, a great devotee of Godess Durga was returning after praying at the Durga temple in Sarnath.He was walking between a tank filled with water on one side and a big wall on the other side. He was suddenly surrounded  and cornered by a herd  of monkeys. Some shrieked, some howled at him. And some even went to the extent of clutching his feet with the intention of biting him. He started to run away from them. The faster he ran, the more bolder the monkeys were. They  began to chase him. Swami did not know the way to escape from these  animals.
Another saint who was passing by, saw this. He shouted at Swami Vivekananda ," Oh,Saint! Why are you running away from them.Face the brutes." These words brought him back to senses. He stood firm, turned around and  majestically stared at the monkeys . Now the monkeys , fell back and fled from the scene.
Swami, then went on his way and ofcourse  he thanked the saint who helped him.

Let us take  the message     

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  1. Very well said. It is better to face the problems and make them solutions than running away from them. Thats life...

    1. Thankyou aamjunta for commenting on my post and appreciating it.

  2. The post is very nice and inspiring...

    1. Yes Arvind. Vivekananda is known for his courage and selfconfidence

  3. This is a inspirational story. Thank you for this