Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Can you see the eye ball?

The Kaurava princes and the Pandava princes were all students of Dronacharya.

Arjuna ,one of the pandava princes excelled others, in  archery skills.

This was not liked byAswathama, Duryodhana, and his brothers. One day they started commenting openly, that their Guru had a partisan attitude and he teaches more skills to Arjuna and  that is why Arjuna  had mastered archery.

At this  Dronacharya  was not happy . He wanted to prove that he is impartial.

So he called upon his students ," Dear students, I have arranged a competition in archery for all of you. You can exhibit your skills tomorrow and win the competition."

The students ,kaurava  princes and tha pandava princes prepared themselves for the next day's competition.

Next day all of them assembled in front of their Guru ,Dronacharya.

Dronacharya took them to  a tree, where he had kept a toy bird, amidst thick leaves.

He called upon Duryodhana and showed him the bird and said," Duryodhana, look at this bird's eyes. You have to hit the bird's eyes. Now take your bow and arrow and aim at the bird . "Immediately, Duriyodhana  went on his one knee and looked at the tree .

" Now tell me Duryodhana , What all do you see? "Acharya  asked.

" I see the branches, leaves, the bird, and of course it's eye ." Duryodhana replied.

" Now hit at it? " Acharya ordered.

Duroydhana let his arrow. But it went straight into the branches and fell on the ground bringing down some leaves.

So did the other kaurava princes, and all of them saw everything along with the bird ,when they were aiming.
Aswathama , son of Acharya, also was no different from the others. In fact he saw so many other things, which were not visible to other student's eyes.He saw along with the branches,  leaves , flowers and also  bees ,buzzing around the flowers.

His arrow also did not hit the target.

Now came  Arjuna's turn.

He came to the front , paid his mamaskarams to his teacher, and went on his one knee with his bow and arrow.

Now Acharya asked him," what do you see?"

Prompt came the reply."I see the bird's eyes."

Acharya asked ," Don,t you see the branches?"

Arjuna replied,"No".

Again Acharya asked," Do you see the leaves? ".

"No" replied Arjuna.

" Do you see the flowers?" Acharya asked.

" No " replied again Arjuna.

This time Acharya asked ," Do you see the bird, Arjuna?"

For this also Arjuna's reply was a big " No ".

" What then  is visible to your eyes?" Came Acharya's  query.

" I can see the eye ball Acharya  " replied Arjuna politely.

" Now hit the target Arjuna" Acharya ordered.

Straight went Arjuna's arrow, and hit the eye ball of the bird and brought it down.

Acharya Drona was very happy with Arjuna's act and looked at him with pride.

This made the other students understand that Arjuna's focus alone  makes him  to master archery .

What do we learn from the story?
Children should always try to focus on their  work just like Arjuna. This will definitely help them  to reach their  goal. 

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