Friday, 28 June 2013

Where is The Universe?

Lord Krishna in his childhood was  very mischievous. He used to eat the butter from everyone's home in Gokulam.

Every day, there will be a rush of Gopikas to meet Yasodha, the foster mother of Lord Krishna.

Yasodha , the divine mother, had the privilege of bringing up the Lord himself. Such was her good deeds in her previous birth.

Yasodha, not knowing that Krishna is Lord himself, punished Lord Krishna now and then.

What else can she do, when the Gopikas come with a heap of complaints to her abou Krishna.

Some times , she tied him to the home grinding machine, where in Krishna  moves with the grinding machine to continue with his pranks.

Occasionally, she even makes him sit inside the home .

But Krishna never failed to do his childhood pranks, such as breaking the butter pots, stealing food, eating butter , drinking curd,  etc.....

One day, when Yasodha was doing with her household chores ,Krishna's friends rushed to her.

They started screaming ,"Yasodha Ma, Yasodha Ma, Krishna  is eating mud from the ground."

" What ? Mud........" Yashoda asked worriedly.

The children promptly replied," Yes."

The worried Yasodha  concerned about his health,and ran outside to stop Krishna from eating mud .

Krishna  was gobbling mud into his mouth. As soon as he saw  Yasodha, he closed his mouth tight and looked  with fear at his mother .

Now Yasodha asked," My dear Krishna , Did you eat mud?"

Krishna without opening his mouth,moved  his head from left to right meaning a big "NO".

At this ,Yasodha asked him again, " Did you eat mud?  I won't be angry with you. Just spit out the mud. "

Krishna, having a mouth full of mud, could not answer his mother. Again he moved his head from left to right meaning "No".

At this Yasodha became angry with Krishna. She forced him to open his mouth.

What did she see?

There were no traces of mud in his mouth. What she saw was the whole universe. She saw the stars, planets, including Earth. Inside the planet Earth ,  she could see herself sitting in front of Krishna's opened mouth. She was able to see a myriad of  universes  inside Lord Krishna's mouth.

She was amazed at this divine scene and lost all her senses, causing her to fall to the ground.

Krishna himself  woke her up, by sprinkling water on her face and called her ," Ma, Ma! "

His friends were surprised to see what happened there.

As Yasodha woke up to consciousness , she did not  remember anything.

But through Yasodha,  we  get an answer to the question as to where is the universe.

It is He the Lord himself  who had created it and is controlling it. We are  safe under His watch.

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