Thursday, 31 January 2013

Sage Naradha and the Mango fruit

We   all know about sage Naradhar.

He will   always   have   a  thamboora(musical instrument)  in his   hands  and    always   keep

repeating    the  words   "  Narayana  Narayana  ".

One  day  he went  to  Kailash   the   abode    of   Lord   Siva

with     a   mango  fruit   in   his   hand.

There   Lord   Siva  was  with  his  whole  family,   His wife  

Parvathy,  Vinayaka  elde son  and   Muruga  ,younger   son.

As  Naradha  entered  Kailash,   Siva  smiled  at   Naradha   and

blessed   him.   He   also  asked   about   the   mango   fruit.

Naradha    replied   ,"This  is  a  special  fruit.   I  would  like   to  

give   it   to   one   of   your   sons.   But  it  should   not      be   

eaten   as half  .  So   to   whom   shall  I   give   the  whole  fruit?"   

Siva    immediately    turned  towards   his  sons  "  Now  you  two  

have   to    decide.  Who  will   take   this    fruit?"

But   both   of   them   wanted   to   have.  so  it   was   decided   to 

conduct   a competition   .   And   the   competition   is , whom  so  

ever   goes   round   the   world   and   comes   first   will   get   the  


we  all  know   Vinayaga  is  huge and  will take   a long  time  to 

go around  the  world..  So   every one thought  that 

Muruga   will  win  the   fruit  as   he  has   an   extra   advantage   

of    having   peacock  .  He   can  use   this   as   vehicle   to  go  

around   the   world. 

So,  with  this   in   mind ,  Muruga   boarded   the  peacock   and 


Even  without   thinking   for   a  moment   Vinayaga   said "  My  

world   is  nothing   more    than  my   parents. And   as  he   said   

he   went   around   his  parents   and   demanded the   mango."

Both   Shiva   and   Parvathy    accepted   Vinayaga's   logic   and  

declared  him   as   victorious. Of  course   they  were   also  happy.

Now  even  before    Muruga   came   Vinayaga   ate   the   fruit. 

True.  Parents    are      supreme.



  1. I could visualize a multi-faceted paatti here!
    A Great and welcome effort! Keep rocking Raji!

  2. thankyou Ranjani for your appreciation and motivation.
    This is just a maiden venture.


  3. Good Story. Happy to note that you have another BLOG in English also. Congratulations. - vgk