Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Rama Story Part 2


Rama   accompanied  by   Sita  and  Lakshmana    reached  Aranya

After     sending    Rama    to    forest,    king    
Dasaratha ,stuck   by    grief    died.

 Bharatha       was    not    in     Ayodhaya  ,    
 then  .    He    came    back    to   Ayodhya 
  and   learnt     what    had    happened    .

He     was     angry    with     his   mother
Kaikeyi     and      he     went    to   Aranya     
to   bring      back      Rama      to     
 be    the      king     of     Ayodhya.

He        begged     forgiveness     for   his     
mother's      act     and     asked    Rama    to   
come   back.

But    Rama    refused    ,   saying    that    he   
has    to    keep    up   his    word    and    asked  
 him   to   go   back    and    rule    Ayodhya.

Though     Bharatha      was    not    happy     
with    this,    he    had   to   obey     his    elder     brother.

So,    deciding    to   go    back,   he    said   ,"   
Brother,    I   shall   go    back    and   rule ,    
but    only   as    your    representative.    Please  give   your    PATHUKAS   (sandals)   ,so   that   I   shall    keep   that    on    the    throne    and     rule    as   your    representative."

At   this   Rama    readily    obliged    and   sent   Bharatha     back   to   Ayodhya.

Then,   Rama,    Sita    and   Lakshmana    
travelled     southwards    and    reached   the   
forest   Panchavati.

They    built    cottages    and   lived .

One   day    a    rakshasha    woman   Surpanaka    saw    them.

On   seeing    Rama    she    asked    him    to   
 marry    her.   But     Rama    refused    saying   
 he   is   already    married   to    Sita.

Surpanaka    then   started   forcing    
 Lakshmana    to   marry    her.   Lakshmana   
 lost   his    temper    and    at   one   point    he   
 cut  off  her   nose  .

With   the    bleeding    nose    ,  she    went    to   Lanka    and    complained    to   her   brother    
 the   Rakshasha   king    Ravana .  

Ravana     ruled    Lanka. 

On   seeing   her   sister's    anguish,    the
 angry      Ravana     decided    to   kidnap    
Sita.    For    this     he     sought    the    help   
 of    his    friend    Mareecha.

What    did    Mareecha    do  ?...........

I  shall   come   back    and    tell......
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